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House Order of Successions

Saudi Arabia



King Abdullah

Crown Prince Sultan

Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud are considered candidates to the Line of Succession, following Crown Prince Sultan:

  1. Abd al-Rahman bin Abdul Aziz

  2. Mutaib bin Abdul Aziz

  3. Badr bin Abdul Aziz

  4. Nayef bin Abdul Aziz (appointed Second Deputy Premier in March 2009)

  5. Salman bin Abdul Aziz

  6. Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz

  7. Sattam bin Abdul Aziz

  8. Muqran bin Abdul Aziz

Grandsons who appear to have the necessary support and experience to be considered candidates include:

  1. Khalid al Faisal

  2. Saud al Faisal

  3. Mutaib bin Abdullah

  4. Turki al Faisal

  5. Saud bin Abdul Mohsin

  6. Khalid bin Sultan

  7. Bandar bin Sultan

  8. Mohammed bin Fahd