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House Order of Successions




King Umberto II

  1. Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples

  2. Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta

  3. Prince Amedeo, Duke of Apulia

  4. Prince Vittorio Emanuele, Count of Turin

  5. Prince Ferdinando, Duke of Genoa

  6. Prince Philibert, Duke of Pistoia

  7. Prince Adalbert, Duke of Bergamo

  8. Prince Eugenio, Duke of Ancona



The Prince of Naples

Vittorio Emanuele is the son of the last King Umberto II and was regarded as the head of the House of Savoy unopposed until the 7 July 2006 when the Duke of Aosta declared himself to be the head of the house and Duke of Savoy. The line of succession to Vittorio Emanuele is:

  1. Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont (born 1972)

  2. Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta (born 1943)

  3. Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia (born 1967)

  4. Prince Umberto of Savoy-Aosta (born 2009)


The Duke of Aosta

The Duke of Aosta claims that because Vittorio Emanuele married in violation of Savoy dynastic law he lost his dynastic rights. The President of the Council of the Senators of the Kingdom Aldo Alessandro Mola published a declaration in favour of Amedeo's claim; and he also received the support of Vittorio Emmanuele's sister Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy. The line of succession to Amedeo, Duke of Aosta is:

  1. Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia (born 1967)

  2. Umberto, Prince of Piedmont (born 2009)