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House Order of Successions




HRH Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse (born 1926)

  1. HRH Donatus, Hereditary Prince of Hesse (born 1966)

  2. HH Prince Moritz of Hesse (born 2007)

  3. HH Prince Philipp of Hesse (born 1970)

  4. HH Prince Karl Adolf of Hesse (born 1937)

  5. HH Prince Christoph of Hesse (born 1969)

  6. HH Prince Rainer of Hesse (born 1939)



The Landgraviate of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld was annexed by Prussia in 1866. The main branch of Hesse-Philippsthal extinguished in 1925, thus making the Barchfeld branch the only surviving one of the Hesse-Philippsthal line.

HH Wilhelm Chlodwig Friedrich Ernst Hermann Paul Philipp Heinrich, Prince and Landgrave of Hesse (born 1933)

  1. HH Prince Wilhelm of Hesse (born 1963)

  2. HH Prince Wilhelm Ernst Constantin (born 2005)

  3. HH Prince Philipp August (born 2006)

  4. HH Prince Otto of Hesse (born 1965)

  5. HH Prince Max Ernst-Ludwig of Hesse (born 1999)

  6. HH Prince Moritz of Hesse (born 2007)

  7. HH Prince Hermann Ernst Ludwig Joachim Hans Georg Hugo Alexander Wilhelm of Hesse (born 1935)

  8. HH Prince Alexis Wilhelm Manfred of Hesse (born 1977)