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House Order of Successions




Head of the former ruling House of Hohenzollern is Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia

Members of this family compose the Prussian Royal Family. There was no German Imperial Family as the only individuals with German imperial titles were the emperor, his consort, empresses dowager, the crown prince and the crown princess. There were no Princes of Germany, only princes of Prussia.

  1. HRH Prince Christian-Sigismund of Prussia (born 1946), son of Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia

  2. HRH Prince Christian Ludwig of Prussia (born 1986), son of the Prince Christian-Sigismund.

  3. HRH Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia (born 1955), grandson of Prince Oskar of Prussia.

  4. HRH Prince Oskar of Prussia (born 1959), youngest son of Prince Wilhelm-Karl.

  5. HRH Prince Oskar of Prussia (born 1993), eldest son of Prince Oskar.

  6. HRH Prince Albert of Prussia (born 1998), youngest son of Prince Oskar (born 1959).

  7. HRH Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia (born 1943), grandson of Prince Joachim of Prussia.

  8. HI&RH Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, Prince of Prussia, (born 1981), son of Prince Franz Wilhelm.


Last monarch.

Emperor Wilhelm II Last Emporer of Germay

  1. HI&RH Crown Prince William

  2. HRH Prince Wilhelm

  3. HRH Prince Louis Ferdinand

  4. HRH Prince Hubertus

  5. HRH Prince Friedrich

  6. HRH Prince Eitel Friedrich

  7. HRH Prince Adalbert

  8. HRH Prince August Wilhelm

  9. HRH Prince Alexander Ferdinand

  10. HRH Prince Oskar

  11. HRH Prince Joachim

  12. HRH Prince Karl Franz Joseph

  13. HRH Prince Heinrich

  14. HRH Prince Waldemar

  15. HRH Prince Sigismund

  16. HRH Prince Friedrich Leopold

  17. HRH Prince Friedrich Sigismund

  18. HRH Prince Friedrich Leopold