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House Order of Successions



The Monarchy of China was abolished in 1912 when the Qīng Dynasty was overthrown and the Republic of China was declared. Since 1997, the current pretender to the Chinese throne is Prince Hengzhen (born 1944) who is the son of Prince Yuyan (born 1918, died 1997) who was appointed the heir of the Xuāntǒng Emperor (better known as "Pǔy"), the last Emperor of China. The law of succession used is male-line Agnatic Primogeniture. However, there is no clear evidence that any of the potential pretenders are actively seeking the title of Emperor of China.

  1. The Noble Prince Jin Xing (born 1977), son of Prince Hengzhen

  2. The Noble Prince Hengkai (born 1945), first brother of Prince Hengzhen

  3. The Noble Prince Jin Yinghui (born 1980), son of Prince Hengkai

  4. The Noble Prince Hengjun (born 1966), second brother of Prince Hengzhen