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House Order of Successions




Grand Duke Frederick II (last monarch in 1918)

Current head of the Grand Ducal house is Prince Maximilian, Margrave of Baden.

  1. HRH Bernhard, Hereditary Prince of Baden (born 1970)

  2. HGDH Prince Leopold of Baden (born 2002)

  3. HGDH Prince Friedrich of Baden (born 2004)

  4. HGDH Prince Karl-Wilhelm of Baden (born 2006)

  5. HGDH Prince Leopold of Baden (born 1971)

  6. HGDH Prince Michael of Baden (born 1976)

  7. HGDH Prince Ludwig of Baden (born 1937)

  8. HGDH Prince Berthold of Baden (born 1976)